Sunday, 31 January 2010 fave day of the week.

When i were younger my fave day on the week was Thursday, the day i did the most and had no time to be bored.
Now days my fave day is a Sunday..the day i do the least...nothing..zilch.
today i woke up after my Sunday lie in, got dressed and set to work moving all my photos from my computer to my new laptop, there were 1000s so its taken me all day. I stopped for a break and had a lovely Sunday dinner, made by my mum, its the highlight of my week. I then carried on with my photo swapping before going to my mamas with my brother. We stayed there in till 5, went to the bank, then came back to do more photo transferring.
anyway, i have just finished transferring all my photos over, i also closed a few old piczo and bebo websites which took ages as they had 4 years worth of photos on them which i saved to my laptop. I'm glad its all done and i now have all my photos from the past 5 years in one place.
Iv also backed them all up on to discs and tided my room.
All in all, an eventful day and i now have a clean room to show for it.
Its now 11:46 and iv just managed to get my blog done for the day.
well I'm off to check out the sales on eBay before heading to bed, night all

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Steven Michael Wright - 25/01/2010

Yesterday i attended my uncles funeral.
It was exactly what i expect, give or take a few things. Before i begin i think its important for you to no that my uncle wasn't a normal uncle in fact, he wasn't a normal guy so his funeral was not your average funeral but it is very fitting for him.

The day started with the normal daily things, up, breakfast, get dressed in my comfy clothes. I then went with my dad to walk the dog and get his hair cut (my dads hair that is, not the dogs!)

We headed into bullwell to pick up the flowers.

I sat with my dad wile he reflected on his older brothers life.

I had a shower, did my hair and put on my all black (even hair bobbles) outfit.

Helped my brother pick his outfit, and do his tie (think its a man thing, no man can do there tie)

We left the house, i had flowers piled high on my knee and couldn't move..not the best position to be in for a long time.. but we were... because what always happens in these situations, happened.... TRAFFIC JAM caused by ROAD WORKS!!!
The road that should have took 5 mins to get down took 30mins!! Mum then felt it was the right time to do her nails - she wanted to paint them black and to be honest, considering we were driving, she did a good job. Her mascara then leaked in her bag so when we stopped at the petrol station she ran to the loo to get some tissue.
Once everyone was back in the car we headed off to the crematorium at bramcote.

We pulled up into the car park, finally i got my legs back and the flowers - thank god - were still in one peace. We met up with some of the family outside the chapel and awaited the rest to arrive, we had a chat and caught up as we hadn't seen most of them in a few years. We moved inside as it was freezing and when my mum signaled the coffin and the car was here, we all went outside again.
The coffin was smaller than everyone expected, he was a tall guy, maybe his legs were bent???
He had 3 skulls on top of his coffin and a candle, very uncle Steve, he was into his Gothic stuff so this was him down to a tee.
As the men lifted his coffin out, the skull fell off to which we all smiled and shouted "oh that's Steve, always causing trouble".
We followed the coffin inside, they placed it on a stand to the right and we all sat to the left. The man doing the service also did my grandads funeral, it was nice to see someone we new.
There was no himes or prayers, he wasn't religious.
A rock song played as we entered. My dad sat on the front row with his 3 sisters and my brother sat next to him, me and my mum sat behind along with another 2 rows of family and friends.
The man said a few words about how Steve didn't want a normal funeral and then continued to read a poem he said he found fitting to Steve, it was fitting.
Here is that poem.

I read of a man who stood to speak,
At the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on his coffin,
From the beginning.... to the end.

He noted that first came his date of birth
And spoke the following date with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all
Was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time
That he spent alive on earth...
And now only those who loved him
Know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own;
The cars... the house....the cash,
What matters is how we live and love
And how we spend our dash.

After that the man invited family to stand round his coffin as we said goodbye, the curtains closed around the coffin and he was sent to be cremated. We sat down and listen to a song he chose, another rock song, by this point most member of the family were crying.
We then stood to another song wile we reflected on his life, we then left via the exit past the flower tributes (including the ones that had been on my nee for the best part of an hour!).
We said out goodbyes and kissed everyone.
My auntie then said to us:
"lets hope were not back here for a good 10 years, we've buried enough members of our family for now!" (mum,dad,brother).

My dad didn't want to go to the after party, he wanted to say his own goodbye so instead we headed off to the stadium for a meal.

We headed home and watched TV wile we got over the days events.
The funeral was fitting for a man that liked to stand out and he chose most of it himself.

There are a few things that i won't go into as people read this that maybe offended, like the people who should have been there, that won't and the people who were there that shouldn't have been.
Also i won't be putting any photos on as i think that's private,
that aside, it was a nice send off and i hope he R.I.P.

Friday, 29 January 2010



How cuuuuuute is this photo?!?!

Rewind... as promised.

Okay so what happened on Wednesday?

Well i meet up with a long lost friend, who i had not seen in over 3 years.

She has just moved house and now lives across the road so a quick chat later and we arranged to meet.

We went to the local park and spoke on the swings for over an hour, had a play on the see-saw and other things before hanging at the bus stop.

We spoke of old times and old people, things we new would happen, things we never though would happen and of course, what were up to now.

We had a bitch about certain people, but hey - were girls!

It was nice to catch up and we will be meeting up again now were just over the road.

Here to hoping we can rekindle our friendship and be best friends like we were for over 5 years previous!

I am off to watch all the soaps and then...the highlight of my year...


Ill be back later to write up what i feel about this years big brother and of course, today's funeral.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


I haven't blogged for 48 hours, i gave myself the day off due to doing 2 posts the other day.
Its now 23:49, meaning i have 11 mins in which to quickly do my blog post for the day otherwise i would have failed my little mission of doing a post a day - already!

Right, so... whats been happening your all wondering???
I did meet up with an old friend on Thursday/yesterday. I *will* post photos tomorrow when i have my camera to hand, it was really nice to see her again.. but hey, more on that when i put the pictures on.

Tomorrow is my uncle Steve's funeral, mixed emotions but ill let you no how i feel once I'm back.

so a bit of a pointless post to tell everyone that ill be back to tell you everything that's happened...tomorrow!

night night sleep tight xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The love of my life

My little pooch:
Chip Dylan Darwin Parker Wright
Born on the 30/04/08 aged 2 years 9 months.
I first met chip when he my neighbour ,brought him back in a taxi as a present for her 3 sons.

I fell in love with him and started to walk him for my neighbour every day and helped pick his name.
We looked after him for 2 weeks wile they went on holiday, when he went back i cryed my eyes out, i had fallen in love with his icle ears and cute face, he was now part of my life and part of our family, even our cats loved him!

I carried on walking him until one day my mum told me my neighbour was giving chip away and i wouldn't see him again, i was heart broken. that night i went over to walk him for the last time and my mum came with me. Mandy called me in and said she was giving chip to me, i couldn't believe it!
The rest is history as they say. since then hes been every were with me and i only leave him for 6 hours a week.
hes spoilt rotten spending 100s of pounds on him every year on treats and toys and love.
he has been to skegness,matlock,town,on the bus, in the car to name but a few.
he loves going for his 2 walks a day and he really is mummy's little prince.He loves tennis balls and being wrapped up in blankets, he loves eating and sleeping and having his photo taken. He has won awards on the Internet for his photos and to date i have over 800 photos of him. I love him more than words can say.
I love him when i say *mummy kiss* he licks my cheek, i love how he does hi 5 and i love him for being him.Don't panick, this is him eating his doggy chocolate egg, not real chocolate.
Here is to many more years with my baby, love you lots x

End of an era.

Today i helped my dad with some funeral arrangements for his brother.

Mixed emotions on my part as i really could think of a million other things to do.

I find it hard to pretend to like the guy after everything he has done to our family & the hurt he has caused but i would never wish him dead.

He died of cancer, probably the worst way anyone could die, he fucked his body up no end through out his life with various substances so some would say its his own fault.

The bottom line is, i would never wish him any pain - regardless of his past mistakes.

That aside i hope i went someway towards taking my dads mind of things by being the lovely daughter i am.

I made him laugh, taught him some more, much needed computer skills & watched the whole series of the royle family with him.

Mean wile he sipped away on beer and pulled funny faces at me - his ideal day off work.

Catch you later x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Im not holding my breath...

I'm not holding my breath...
I've been here before, nearly a year to the day.
I started a blog telling myself i would do it everyday.
The first few weeks i was successful but I'm not one for commitments!
Here i am again i will try my up most to see this through to the end.
My little journey starts here, documenting my everyday life...
my teenage years in order to hold on to my youth that little bit longer
& the hope of having some lovely memories for my future.