Saturday, 1 May 2010

may day

i have been super busy.

to much has happened to possibly remember and so i wont try.

the past few weeks there has been ups and downs, so what can i remember doing?...

it was my dogs 3rd birthday on the 30/04, he had a lovely day with lots of toys and treats.

My dads been off for a few days here and there and we have enjoyed lots of lovely walks around colic park, i have taken photos and just enjoyed being in some half descent weather.

iv painted all of our garden fences - on my own.

iv also painted the hall and landing including ceiling, glossed and helped redecorate the kitchen and dinning room. It is around this time every YEAR me and my mum redecorate the house, mainly because we hate things being old that and the fact my mum changes things to compensate not being able to move house!

as well as all that iv been to my mamas weekly, iv been to the doctors and had my depression tablets INCREASED, which has upset me as i thought i was doing well...but hey ho...

I'm also getting ready to meet my brothers new girlfriend.

Iv also has some good news but i Carnot really say as i would suddenly gain friends - sad but true.

along with the above iv been back to college after a month off and my dog bite has also healed but unfortunately i will be left with a mark probably forever...

iv brought some new clothes and I'm now preparing myself to be alone for 2 weeks when my mum and dad go away on holiday in a few weeks time...

its been a busy few weeks, I'm worn out and looking forward to getting back to normal with college, with things at home and of course, blogging.

I'm glad summer has started, I'm sick of hearing about the general election and I'm enjoying walking my pooch in this lovely weather.

all in all April has been a good month, its had its difficulty's and accidents!! but in all, its been rewarding.

I'm finding it hard to believe its may already but I'm looking forward to the coming month and a nice sun tan.

happy may day!