Tuesday, 7 August 2012

July, how I despise thee.

Call me bitter, say its self loathing but i did not deserve your pain infused days. Your twisted hands of fate hit me hard and kept on twisting.
Just like a tornado, you shocked me but the after effects, the hole in my soul that you created, the long lasting legacy of horrid is what will hurt the most.
You have tainted my life.
July you nasty annual burden! How dare you be so vicious.
Rip out my heart, stamp on my toes then come back exactly one year onto repeat your evil process.
Not again, oh no not to me. I refuse to lay down, roll over, stand back and let you do this to me ever.ever.ever.again.
You may have won the battle but my darling the war is still mine to be won.
Oh July, why be cruel?
Long gone the month where your days were a pleasure to me.
I hope you are happy, you made me cry. False smiles, blocked out memories every single July.
All 31 days I wish to erase, touched by pain and containing my fragile secrets & raw emotions.
You come & you go, you keep taking but never giving.
Your poison.
You leave hearts shattered, lives incomplete far to often, far to easily.
Oh July, oh horrid, vulgar July, how I despise thee.