Monday, 19 April 2010

Wednesday the 14Th of April 2010

saw me at another long meeting.

It also meant another year had passed with another birthday i could not celebrate with my grandad.

It was my mums dads 81st birthday so after my meeting we went to his grave, laid flowers and reflected on a life of a man i never really understood...

With each visit, the baby grave yard has another row of babies, the lack of space for more bodies seems even more obvious and the number of coffins going into the chapel, sadly does not reduce.

Life is short, your day will come so live everyday to the full.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Yesterday - monday 12th of april 2010

I went with my dad to get a refund on his tops from his birthday.

We walked in, got the money back, no problems, really nice polite check out girl - very happy.

Dad then decided to have a look around to see if he liked any of the other tops there, he found one he liked, it said £12 on the label but had a red sign above saying

"now £8"

We brought one..

here is our shopping list..tell me whats wrong...

2 x nescafe coffee = £6

1 x bread = £1.05

2 x Milks = £3

top = £12

total = £22.05

We paid, we left, we were driving home when i said to dad, they over charged us for that top..

we studied the receipt, we turned around, he waited in the car park..i went in.

An old lady at the returns desk (a different one from before)

didn't even acknowledge i was there, so i though id speak up.

I explained what had happened. she didn't say hello, she didn't smile, she didn't even look me in the eyes.

she took the top, walked off, i didn't no were she was going, i didn't even no she had heard me.

she left me waiting 10Min's before coming back and asking me for the club card my dad has used (SO SHE COULD TAKE POINTS OFF I LATER WORKED OUT! ALL 4 OF THE FUCKERS..)

I explained to her that it was on the car keys, in the car that my dad is waiting in!

she said she needed them, the first words she had even said to me in the whole 20Min's conversation.

so i went and got them.

i came back, she took them off me, didn't say anything, then as if prompted by her customer service training, she said

"sorry about that, here you go"

she gave me the money, the top and off i went.

I got back to the car..i should have been given £4 back..the top was meant to be £8..i paid £12..i should have been given £4 back..

she had given me £8 back..

HAHAHAHAHA, silly , rude, arrogant COW.

so we got the top for £4, plus the petrol money and the time wasted getting her to bloody answer me.

how bloody cheeky are these people.

she wanted her 4 club card point back..the cheek is out of this world.

I was not happy with her, uncooperative, not very polite.

why do these shops have to rip you off!!

It works out, the signs above the tops weren't meant to be there, so more fool them.

but they have been selling them tops all day, which would mean loads of other customers have paid £4 more and we were just the first to notice!!


they wonder why we shop at asda...

Thursday 8th:
not alot happened, i not sure..iv forgotten so carnt have been that important, hey?
Friday 9Th:
my mums new dining table arrived, its glass with silver and gold chairs, Rather pretty!
We went shopping, paid the bills - just a normal day really.
we went to my mamars and she had made us dinner...there are reasons to which I'm not happy about this, the very reasons i nearly walked out of there...but i am aware of family reading this so they will remain unsaid. Put it this way I'm finding it hard to keep going to see her after the rest of my family have given up on her, apart from 5 people.

april 7th 2010 - Happy 47th birthday daddy.

My dad was born at home on the very street we now live on, just a few houses up.
He was born to George and May wright (hence my name, Jenna-may).
Last week we celebrated his birthday.
Not in style,not over the top..but just how my dad likes it..
Me and the brother went to the shops the day before, i brought him 2 t shirts, beer and a cake with his photo on and the words
"happy 47Th birthday dad" on it.
Id made him a card a few days before.
my dad worked on his birthday and when he came home he said because it was his birthday, he wanted fish and chips so he went and brought some for everyone than came back.
He watched his fave ever film, ON THE BUSES wile eating and afterwards he had a can of beer and we showed him his presents.
he tried the tops on, they looked lush but he asked if he could take them back, get the money and then buy the England shirt he wanted. we all agreed.
then i gave him his cake, i thought he were going to cry.
My dad doesn't show emotion but i no when something hits him,
after that he chilled out, drank more beer, watched TV.
open all 15 of his cards and we had a good laugh, he had a good day!
short and simple, my dad doesn't like fuss!
Thursday 1st:
So after the accident on Thursday i went shopping that night (i got a few looks and everyone wanted to no what had happened...nosy gits)
The conversation went a bit like this...
"oh, that looks painful, what happened to your nose?"
to which i wanted to answer, what happened to your FACE?
"i was bitten by a dog"
"did you get the owner to put the dog down?"
"its my dog..."
Friday 2ND:
i spent the next day trying to get over it, as i was in shock.
Every time i stood up my legs just wobbled.
Being the Easter holidays my brother was off work so we went to see my mamar and then to see my aunty.
He then dropped me,my auntie and cousin of at asda west bridgeford to help her do her big £275 fortnightly shop. He went back to her house to look after our disabled cousin.
My brother then fetched us 3 hours later and took us back to hers.
I only see my auntie three times a year max even though she lives 20Min's away...
Its just a sad statistic of my weird family.
Saturday 3rd:
i chilled out as far as i can remember, it was 10 days ago...
Sunday 4Th:
i had Sunday dinner at my mamars,
what you should no is that up until the age of 13 it was abnormal not to be at my mamars for lunch on a Sunday, it was a tradition. Times changes...she changed...and so this was the first time is many years that it had happened.
It really was nice but by doing so she now thinks were going every single week...
Monday 5Th:
was a week off college so i took my pooch for a nice walk and i can't recall what else.
Tuesday 6Th:
I went shopping with my brother to get my dads birthday presents &
i took the strips of my nose, mainly because i new if i didn't, tomorrow some nurse would yank them off i did it then canceled the doctors appointment. I also had a really nice shower, there are many things i can live without, my shower is not one of them!
I have started to put reminders in my phone of things iv got to come and blog about..sad really isn't it?...
i should get more regular but i no it will not happen...
this week i am 2 weeks behind in blogging, so now im paying for it by having to write 3 posts
in as many days...hahaha.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A long and over due update is needed.
I am also aware of other things i need to blog about in order to preserve it in my memory for future reference.


Thursday 1st of April - April fools day!
I got up, had a shower & i went off to Claire's for a lovely day of crafty loveliness okay, no i didn't..let me fill you in.

Before i went into the shower what normally happens when i come out of the bathroom, didn't happen...
My little dog chip is normally waiting outside for me, with a toy - every single time - without fail.
So i was worried when he wasn't there, it was around 8:30am so i looked in my mums room and she said he was under the duvet with her.
I lifted the duvet up to check on him, he panicked...he ran forward towards me, he flew straight at my face.
Top set of teeth in my nose, bottom set on my lip.
He didn't even lock him jaw because he flew towards me that fast that when he realised it was me and not someone coming to hurt him, he instantly let go. Which is the reason i still have a nose!
He jumped off the bed and went straight to his little bed - he new he had done wrong.

There was blood everywhere, i told my mum not to panic so she tried to stay calm - as calm as you can be when all you can see is blood and you don't no if your daughter is about to loose there nose!
She got a towel to stop the bleeding and my legs buckled through shock.
I fell on to the bed so i got dressed with one hand and hurried down the stairs.

At the time, we were not sure what had happened, all we could see was blood, we didn't even no if i had a lip left. it was a panic but knowing what i no now, we shouldn't have been so worried.

We spotted the neighbour across the road and asked her if she could drive me to the hospital. When we arrived my mum told them what had happened and within seconds the took me to the side room, gave me a cloth to put on it and tried to asses weather the blood was coming out of my nose, as in from the back of my nose or weather it was all just from the cut.
I was then taken into another room were i was told my worse fear.
I had to have a needle. I did what i always do when i hear that.
refuse. scream. cry. and refuse some more.
After calming down and realising if i don't i could end up with lockjaw or other nasty dog related diseases i had my tetanus jab. It was painful, in my thigh and i cried into my dads arms the whole time.
a doctor even came in to check nothing had happened to me as i was screaming that much,
I hate doctors,hospitals,needles etc. Iv had to many bad things happen to me in them places, iv been in and out of hospital since i was 3 and i just panic!

After being told that they don't normally put any stitches of bandages over dog bites, but mine was so deep i needed one, i came round to the fact that the lovely man had now got to clean it and put things all over my already messed up, horrid, dog chewed face.

He was nice and other than the moment he pulled dried blood off to fast and i nearly need him in the was fine.

I was sent away after one last drama, i had to take 6 tablets a day.
I really should inform people or my reasons for being such a baby in hospitals, which i will one day. But i don't have a very big whole at the bag of my throat so tablets are hard to swallow.

after letting Claire and various other family members no, i went home.
Claire left me a voice message saying if i were playing an April fool joke on her, then she was not happy LOL, i wish i was.
i felt sorry for myself and couldn't bare that i could have a scar.

i couldn't wet it and 6 days later, that was getting to me so i did take the bandages off and have a shower, it was fine and had healed well, still a big scar though.
i was told at the hospital to go to the doctors to have the bandage removed and i had booked an appointment but once is had that shower, i canceled it.

Its healing well now but still a bit swollen.
my lips okay now though.

People ask me if I'm getting rid of chip.
it was MY fault, he was scared, i caught him off guard and he didn't no i was coming, as soon as he new it was me, he let go, he felt guilty about it for days and wouldn't stop licking my hands and trying to say sorry to me.
Hes been passed around from pillow to post, through no fault of his own for the past 3 years. He is settled here and if i forgive him, that's all that matters.
he honestly didn't mean to do it.