Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I do not drink coffee because...

1) It leaves a smell hours after its been consumed.

2) Its bitterly strong.

3) Its dirt coloured brown.

4) It costs more than tea.

5) It stains my cute cups.

6) It doesn't look as warm on a cold day, as tea does.

7) It keeps me awake when all i want to do is sleeeeeeep.

8) Its addictive.

9) It stains my teeth

10) I do not drink coffee because, i don't want to!

Paranormal Activity

My mum and dad often share a true story with me, about my baby days that goes a little like this:

Back in 1992 when my mum was pregnant with me and my brother was 3, money was tight. They were going from council house to rented property's then back again.

When they fount out i was on the way they decided to move one last time to a bigger house.

They went to see the council and expected to be put on the list and that they would be a wait.

But that's not how it planned out...

the council instantly new of a house, one that was local, that they could move into straight away!

wow, my dad didn't believe his luck, people normally wait years for a family home to come available...

The next day dad ended his current rental agreement and they started moving things into the new house.

My mum was 9 months pregnant at this point and wanted everything in place for when i came along.

the house was a 3 storey house, with two bedrooms on the top floor.

My mum and dad took the biggest room, just based on its size and thought nothing of it.

A few weeks later, my mum goes into labour and I'm born.

It was then that the spooky things started.

A family member came to see me and had a look around our new home, they took my brother upstairs to see his bedroom and noticed he wouldn't walk past my mum and dads room.

He would walk upstairs, no problem and into his room, but that's as far as he would go.

They thought he was being silly but told my mum and dad anyway.

My dad then told them how he has noticed he had been the same, and that he would not settle at all upstairs since being in the new house. He noticed the constant looking around the room, the crying. Not wanting to be upstairs at all and going right off his favourite toys if they were in his room.

My dad felt the house had a weird feeling to it, not made easier by a newborn and toddler running around, one of which wouldn't settle.

He often got asked by his friends

"have you move into ______ road"

to which my dad would say yes and people would strangely move on or not talk to him.

My mums friends were a bit shifty towards her to.

The final straw came after a very long night of trying to settle my brother.

I was in my mosses basket at the bottom of my parents bed, my dad had gone to bed a few hours before as he had work and mum had stayed up to see to me.

She climbed into bed, had one last look to make sure i was settled, when suddenly, she jumped up screaming, tears running down her cheeks.

She woke my dad and he asked her what had happened.

She said she has seen a man standing over my cot, with big black curly hair, a big guy.

My dad checked the house, no one was there.

Then right on cue, my brother woke up again.

My dad could not take anymore.

My brother wouldn't sleep, my mum wouldn't stay in the house alone and i was now being "watched"

He went to work the next day and took someone aside and asked them why everyone had a problem with this house.

The person he took aside was a lady, who lived in the house before we moved in.

She explained how her husband had been on the top floor and her two small boys were playing around in there room, her husband, who had black curly hair,fell asleep and the children started playing with matches...

the house caught fire, they were all trapped and the man was in the room that my mum and dad were now in.

Passes by failed to save them and all 3 died.

The house was haunted.

My brother wasn't mardy, he was seeing things.

My mum wasn't been stupid, she did see something.

My dad wasn't being over protective, he was scared for our safety.

The next day my mum and dad took me and my brother to the council once again and demanded to no why they were not told of this and that they wanted a new house straight away.

The council got back to them 2 days later and said they had a place for us.

My dad went round to view it and said there was dirty every were, no carpets, no cooker, no nothing. but he took the place straight away as it was better than spending another night in the house we were in. He cleaned it, we moved in and we left that house.

On leaving the house, my dad took one last look and spotted all around the top window, black sut stains, all of which he hadn't spotted when we moved in.

its only small but i carnt find the others at the moment.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The book of lost things

My book is my mind and lost are my thoughts.

Lost in thinking if i will ever work my mind out!

It is not undocumented that my relationship with my one remaining living grandparent is not fantastic.

To feel so low about someone you should rate so highly is heartbreaking.

For many years iv got on with it, took the insults, took the bitching, took the irrelevant comments, took the pain or ignored what was going on right under my nose.

Its funny, of all the things, of all the times she made me cry, this was not one of them.

Ive walked away. A massive step for me.

Iv lost out on many lovely things that should have been.

I always stick by these people when everyone else has long gone, but there is only so many times you can get the knife stuck in your back before you realise, if you don't run now, that knife will never ever be removed from your back. You will always be scarred.

My lost thing is not lost. I never had it.

I never set out to leave, i never set out for it to end like this but that's the way its happened and for once, I'm glad.

Im the one that always felt lost.

I don't feel guilty anymore, i feel free.

Sometimes you need to let go to see if there is anything to lose.

I don't have any grandparents. they all died many years ago and i can not tell you how hard it is for me to come to terms with that, any grandparents who i feel anything for are long gone now.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I'd love to go somewere to dream.

To reflect

To think

To find peace.

To find answers.

Id love to go here.

Or here.

Or here

Or even here.

Id love to go somewere, anywere, just me.

To the edge of the earth and back if possible, please.
I want to go on my own, to find myself, Iv been a little lost lately...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

may day

i have been super busy.

to much has happened to possibly remember and so i wont try.

the past few weeks there has been ups and downs, so what can i remember doing?...

it was my dogs 3rd birthday on the 30/04, he had a lovely day with lots of toys and treats.

My dads been off for a few days here and there and we have enjoyed lots of lovely walks around colic park, i have taken photos and just enjoyed being in some half descent weather.

iv painted all of our garden fences - on my own.

iv also painted the hall and landing including ceiling, glossed and helped redecorate the kitchen and dinning room. It is around this time every YEAR me and my mum redecorate the house, mainly because we hate things being old that and the fact my mum changes things to compensate not being able to move house!

as well as all that iv been to my mamas weekly, iv been to the doctors and had my depression tablets INCREASED, which has upset me as i thought i was doing well...but hey ho...

I'm also getting ready to meet my brothers new girlfriend.

Iv also has some good news but i Carnot really say as i would suddenly gain friends - sad but true.

along with the above iv been back to college after a month off and my dog bite has also healed but unfortunately i will be left with a mark probably forever...

iv brought some new clothes and I'm now preparing myself to be alone for 2 weeks when my mum and dad go away on holiday in a few weeks time...

its been a busy few weeks, I'm worn out and looking forward to getting back to normal with college, with things at home and of course, blogging.

I'm glad summer has started, I'm sick of hearing about the general election and I'm enjoying walking my pooch in this lovely weather.

all in all April has been a good month, its had its difficulty's and accidents!! but in all, its been rewarding.

I'm finding it hard to believe its may already but I'm looking forward to the coming month and a nice sun tan.

happy may day!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Wednesday the 14Th of April 2010

saw me at another long meeting.

It also meant another year had passed with another birthday i could not celebrate with my grandad.

It was my mums dads 81st birthday so after my meeting we went to his grave, laid flowers and reflected on a life of a man i never really understood...

With each visit, the baby grave yard has another row of babies, the lack of space for more bodies seems even more obvious and the number of coffins going into the chapel, sadly does not reduce.

Life is short, your day will come so live everyday to the full.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Yesterday - monday 12th of april 2010

I went with my dad to get a refund on his tops from his birthday.

We walked in, got the money back, no problems, really nice polite check out girl - very happy.

Dad then decided to have a look around to see if he liked any of the other tops there, he found one he liked, it said £12 on the label but had a red sign above saying

"now £8"

We brought one..

here is our shopping list..tell me whats wrong...

2 x nescafe coffee = £6

1 x bread = £1.05

2 x Milks = £3

top = £12

total = £22.05

We paid, we left, we were driving home when i said to dad, they over charged us for that top..

we studied the receipt, we turned around, he waited in the car park..i went in.

An old lady at the returns desk (a different one from before)

didn't even acknowledge i was there, so i though id speak up.

I explained what had happened. she didn't say hello, she didn't smile, she didn't even look me in the eyes.

she took the top, walked off, i didn't no were she was going, i didn't even no she had heard me.

she left me waiting 10Min's before coming back and asking me for the club card my dad has used (SO SHE COULD TAKE POINTS OFF I LATER WORKED OUT! ALL 4 OF THE FUCKERS..)

I explained to her that it was on the car keys, in the car that my dad is waiting in!

she said she needed them, the first words she had even said to me in the whole 20Min's conversation.

so i went and got them.

i came back, she took them off me, didn't say anything, then as if prompted by her customer service training, she said

"sorry about that, here you go"

she gave me the money, the top and off i went.

I got back to the car..i should have been given £4 back..the top was meant to be £8..i paid £12..i should have been given £4 back..

she had given me £8 back..

HAHAHAHAHA, silly , rude, arrogant COW.

so we got the top for £4, plus the petrol money and the time wasted getting her to bloody answer me.

how bloody cheeky are these people.

she wanted her 4 club card point back..the cheek is out of this world.

I was not happy with her, uncooperative, not very polite.

why do these shops have to rip you off!!

It works out, the signs above the tops weren't meant to be there, so more fool them.

but they have been selling them tops all day, which would mean loads of other customers have paid £4 more and we were just the first to notice!!


they wonder why we shop at asda...

Thursday 8th:
not alot happened, i think..im not sure..iv forgotten so carnt have been that important, hey?
Friday 9Th:
my mums new dining table arrived, its glass with silver and gold chairs, Rather pretty!
We went shopping, paid the bills - just a normal day really.
we went to my mamars and she had made us dinner...there are reasons to which I'm not happy about this, the very reasons i nearly walked out of there...but i am aware of family reading this so they will remain unsaid. Put it this way I'm finding it hard to keep going to see her after the rest of my family have given up on her, apart from 5 people.

april 7th 2010 - Happy 47th birthday daddy.

My dad was born at home on the very street we now live on, just a few houses up.
He was born to George and May wright (hence my name, Jenna-may).
Last week we celebrated his birthday.
Not in style,not over the top..but just how my dad likes it..
Me and the brother went to the shops the day before, i brought him 2 t shirts, beer and a cake with his photo on and the words
"happy 47Th birthday dad" on it.
Id made him a card a few days before.
my dad worked on his birthday and when he came home he said because it was his birthday, he wanted fish and chips so he went and brought some for everyone than came back.
He watched his fave ever film, ON THE BUSES wile eating and afterwards he had a can of beer and we showed him his presents.
he tried the tops on, they looked lush but he asked if he could take them back, get the money and then buy the England shirt he wanted. we all agreed.
then i gave him his cake, i thought he were going to cry.
My dad doesn't show emotion but i no when something hits him,
after that he chilled out, drank more beer, watched TV.
open all 15 of his cards and we had a good laugh, he had a good day!
short and simple, my dad doesn't like fuss!
Thursday 1st:
So after the accident on Thursday i went shopping that night (i got a few looks and everyone wanted to no what had happened...nosy gits)
The conversation went a bit like this...
"oh, that looks painful, what happened to your nose?"
to which i wanted to answer, what happened to your FACE?
"i was bitten by a dog"
"did you get the owner to put the dog down?"
"its my dog..."
Friday 2ND:
i spent the next day trying to get over it, as i was in shock.
Every time i stood up my legs just wobbled.
Being the Easter holidays my brother was off work so we went to see my mamar and then to see my aunty.
He then dropped me,my auntie and cousin of at asda west bridgeford to help her do her big £275 fortnightly shop. He went back to her house to look after our disabled cousin.
My brother then fetched us 3 hours later and took us back to hers.
I only see my auntie three times a year max even though she lives 20Min's away...
Its just a sad statistic of my weird family.
Saturday 3rd:
i chilled out as far as i can remember, it was 10 days ago...
Sunday 4Th:
i had Sunday dinner at my mamars,
what you should no is that up until the age of 13 it was abnormal not to be at my mamars for lunch on a Sunday, it was a tradition. Times change..family changes...she changed...and so this was the first time is many years that it had happened.
It really was nice but by doing so she now thinks were going every single week...
Monday 5Th:
was a week off college so i took my pooch for a nice walk and i can't recall what else.
Tuesday 6Th:
I went shopping with my brother to get my dads birthday presents &
i took the strips of my nose, mainly because i new if i didn't, tomorrow some nurse would yank them off herself...so i did it then canceled the doctors appointment. I also had a really nice shower, there are many things i can live without, my shower is not one of them!
I have started to put reminders in my phone of things iv got to come and blog about..sad really isn't it?...
i should get more regular but i no it will not happen...
this week i am 2 weeks behind in blogging, so now im paying for it by having to write 3 posts
in as many days...hahaha.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A long and over due update is needed.
I am also aware of other things i need to blog about in order to preserve it in my memory for future reference.


Thursday 1st of April - April fools day!
I got up, had a shower & i went off to Claire's for a lovely day of crafty loveliness okay, no i didn't..let me fill you in.

Before i went into the shower what normally happens when i come out of the bathroom, didn't happen...
My little dog chip is normally waiting outside for me, with a toy - every single time - without fail.
So i was worried when he wasn't there, it was around 8:30am so i looked in my mums room and she said he was under the duvet with her.
I lifted the duvet up to check on him, he panicked...he ran forward towards me, he flew straight at my face.
Top set of teeth in my nose, bottom set on my lip.
He didn't even lock him jaw because he flew towards me that fast that when he realised it was me and not someone coming to hurt him, he instantly let go. Which is the reason i still have a nose!
He jumped off the bed and went straight to his little bed - he new he had done wrong.

There was blood everywhere, i told my mum not to panic so she tried to stay calm - as calm as you can be when all you can see is blood and you don't no if your daughter is about to loose there nose!
She got a towel to stop the bleeding and my legs buckled through shock.
I fell on to the bed so i got dressed with one hand and hurried down the stairs.

At the time, we were not sure what had happened, all we could see was blood, we didn't even no if i had a lip left. it was a panic but knowing what i no now, we shouldn't have been so worried.

We spotted the neighbour across the road and asked her if she could drive me to the hospital. When we arrived my mum told them what had happened and within seconds the took me to the side room, gave me a cloth to put on it and tried to asses weather the blood was coming out of my nose, as in from the back of my nose or weather it was all just from the cut.
I was then taken into another room were i was told my worse fear.
I had to have a needle. I did what i always do when i hear that.
refuse. scream. cry. and refuse some more.
After calming down and realising if i don't i could end up with lockjaw or other nasty dog related diseases i had my tetanus jab. It was painful, in my thigh and i cried into my dads arms the whole time.
a doctor even came in to check nothing had happened to me as i was screaming that much,
I hate doctors,hospitals,needles etc. Iv had to many bad things happen to me in them places, iv been in and out of hospital since i was 3 and i just panic!

After being told that they don't normally put any stitches of bandages over dog bites, but mine was so deep i needed one, i came round to the fact that the lovely man had now got to clean it and put things all over my already messed up, horrid, dog chewed face.

He was nice and other than the moment he pulled dried blood off to fast and i nearly need him in the balls...it was fine.

I was sent away after one last drama, i had to take 6 tablets a day.
I really should inform people or my reasons for being such a baby in hospitals, which i will one day. But i don't have a very big whole at the bag of my throat so tablets are hard to swallow.

after letting Claire and various other family members no, i went home.
Claire left me a voice message saying if i were playing an April fool joke on her, then she was not happy LOL, i wish i was.
i felt sorry for myself and couldn't bare that i could have a scar.

i couldn't wet it and 6 days later, that was getting to me so i did take the bandages off and have a shower, it was fine and had healed well, still a big scar though.
i was told at the hospital to go to the doctors to have the bandage removed and i had booked an appointment but once is had that shower, i canceled it.

Its healing well now but still a bit swollen.
my lips okay now though.

People ask me if I'm getting rid of chip.
it was MY fault, he was scared, i caught him off guard and he didn't no i was coming, as soon as he new it was me, he let go, he felt guilty about it for days and wouldn't stop licking my hands and trying to say sorry to me.
Hes been passed around from pillow to post, through no fault of his own for the past 3 years. He is settled here and if i forgive him, that's all that matters.
he honestly didn't mean to do it.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Why is my life like waiting for a bus?
Nothing happens, everything is boa ring and then as if by magic, lots of things come at once.

It is vastly approaching the end of March.
3 whole months in to 2010, its flying by!

Anyways, lets catch up....

I last blogged on march 21st - Sunday.
since then i have done many things including ATCS, reading, shopping, going to my mamas, facebooking,walking my pooch, tidying, sorting, getting ready for summer, job hunting, laughing, crying and even had a mini melt down!
Its been a very busy week or two so here's the main events...

Monday the 22ND of march 2010:
College! i went along with my lovely new cup made by the lovely Mrs.jelly bobble.
we were on cake strike so we just watched Mrs. jelly bobble pretend she was enjoying her salad before telling her how unhealthy her so called healthy option was.
There were also last minuet arrangements for the upcoming wedding of the year and NEC trip. wile sorting out train tickets, times and were to meet we also found time to laugh, laugh and laugh even more.
It was great fun and another fun filled day of learning with Clarie and the gang....
BARBARA was also there!

Wednesday the 24Th of March 2010:
We met outside the house of Fraser's in town, Claire with her gorgeous hat and shoes was as ever running around making sure we were all there, Mrs.Jelly bobble sorted my hair and Teresa and Jamie entertained Heather.
Once all the hand shaking was over and Mrs.jelly bobble had taken a few snaps for the album, we headed across the road, Mrs.jelly bobble ran ahead snapping photos of us walking, talking, posing and laughing.
We arrived at the registry office were we posed for more photos with the bride and groom and various other member of the family and friends.
We were then lead into the main room were Claire and Jamie walked down the aisle to yet more photographers and exchanged vows.
It was lovely, it was tasteful and above all, it was very them.
We headed off back to Claire's via public transport, which has to easily be my best bus trip EVER, we took photos, laughed and met new people who looked very scared!
We then enjoyed a nice little walk to Claire's house were Jamie began his hospitality and made tea Before reveling his delicious spread of scones, egg nosh, sarnies, cake and other lovely things.
We danced, sang, laughed and got tipsy and just generally chilled out.
I left around 6:30 after a full day at the wedding of the year.
I had a really good day - thanks clairabelle & Jamie! x

Friday the 26Th of march 2010:
Up, dressed, sorted, out the door, to the train station, met Claire and Teresa and Lynne and Anette and Carol...
got on the train, laughed, talked wedding talk, exchanged pleasantries and had a moan...
got off, walked for ever before entering the NEC, we brought loads, carried loads, moaned loads, shopped loads, ate loads, walked loads and had loads of fun before catching the 2 trains home. I was shattered and my legs were numb. I also had a blister which was great.
I brought ink, stamps, lovely "crud" as Claire would say and other cute crafting things.
there was also a really mad women that laughed at everything and kept saying "there you go" after everything... me and Teresa just couldn't stop laughing... good times!
It was a really good day and we were out most of the day, which flew by!

Saturday i rested trying to get over my busy week, i did do other things in between but due to the wedding and nec they seem irrelevant and i cant be bothered to remember what i did, all i no is that by the time Saturday came i was like a dead women walking so needed my rest!

Sunday i went shopping to get the lovely Claire some wedding photos developed and framed before heading to my mamas and helping her tidy her house, iv never more stressed, she just moans ALL the time!!, My hair wasn't right, i don't do anything right, i need to do this, i need to redo such and such..shes just such a difficult lady and i came away questioning why i even bothered...anyway...

I got home, had my Sunday dinner which was yum, i had roast beef!
I then had to sort out all my photos for Claire, wrap and tag them all and pick some for Mrs.jelly bobble and Teresa. I then loaded my bag with presents, cups, pencil case, books for Claire and loads more and of course my little bag with my purse etc.
it weighed a ton but needed doing as i new id be so sleepy in the morning to do it!!!

Monday i went to college and as predicted i was sleepy and didn't want to leave the house, i toddled along on the bus with my big heavy, new, dogs are good bag, had a catch up with the lovely Claire and Jamie and gave her the photos which she loved (thank god)it was a busy morning at college followed by a very quiet afternoon...
it went from Claire, Jamie & heather, Juliet & Ellie, Teresa & Milly, Lynne,Annette & me to just me, Claire and 2 others...
it was as funny as ever and even Layla made an appearance.

all in all guys, it has been a very busy week. it has been jam packed and other than Saturday iv been on the go the whole time.

iv also spent time ordering photos, planning my dads bday, making bday cards for my uncle and friends, doctors appointments and planning my holiday with my little dog.
taking photos and helping my bro out.

Thursday I'm off to Claire's so will be back blogging again on Sunday after what will be a lovely, slower..quieter week.

peace! x

Sunday, 21 March 2010

I didn't want to post tonight, i cant be bothered but i no if i don't, ill have no time AT ALL next week so there for, it will all mount up and ill forget to say this weeks STUFF!
you have been spoilt by a few post during the week this week as i felt i owed it to you all!
Wednesdays post stated it was the worse day ever, it was and i really wish i had the energy to tell you all about it but i haven't. Its a very long and complexed story and i hope that by writing it HERE i will remind myself to blog about it and let you all no the full story at a later date.
This week my perforated eardrum came back for the 5Th year in a row.
It hurts.
Its when you have a whole in you ear drum.
It can't be cured because an operation would make me deaf.
When i was at school, i took 6 months off as it just crippled me with pain.
It kills and this year it came back with a bump as well which was great!
So there was a panic to make sure it wasn't my thyroid, another long story i SHOULD BLOG about!!
I am now pleased to tell you that its nearly 100% cleared so it will not be effecting me this coming week!
Today i went and got my train tickets even though there could be a strike!
I am now enjoying the last few moment on this week before being rushed in to the next one.
I am off to college tomorrow, busy Wednesday and Friday ... of to pick something up on Tuesday and i will try and snatch a minute on Thursday to go and buy a certain thing i cant mention before the week starts again NEXT Monday.
It will be a mad week and it will be a nice long blog post for you when it all ends.
There is so much more i need to say.
but i am busy and STUFF..
Iv just managed to make my ATCS for tomorrow, i told myself on Tuesday i would but i just didn't have the time.
There all done and ready in my bag for tomorrow!
err rm, my dads doctor checks came back PERFECT, another thing to blog about!!
and i finished a 400 page book in 4 days, it was good, it was the Angela cannings, against all odds, if anyone wants it, its theres or it will go to the charity shop!
In general, were all good. my dog gets cuter as times goes on and im just online at the min booking a caravan holiday so we can take him away with us in september which will be nice..
Well i am off to arrange things for tomorrow, reply to the texts i have received in the past few hours that iv only just remembered i haven't replied back to and then I'm off to snuggle in bed with a new book.
night all.
same time next week?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Well yesterday was simply the worse day of 2010. (long story, that I'm sure ill get round to blogging about soon)

although it was made better by my daddy been off work for the day!

Anyway, can i just say how much i love my little pooch, Chips!

He makes me laugh when i cry and cry when i laugh.

hes cute as a button and will be 3 very soon!

It gos so fast and as an early birthday present, i brought him a big dog toy, he sleeps with it and rest his head on it.

He drags it around the house and he creeps up on me and squeaks it, making me jump!

I love him and id pay £10000000 to see his little face light up when he gets a new toy,

I love you chippa lou lou x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday 15th March 2010

Today i was SO tired when i woke up. It had been a late night and i didn't have the energy to move.
I got myself together and headed off to college, i stopped off to buy Juliet a box of chocies in return for a gorgeous mug she made me with my 3 babies on. I will treasure it, always!
I arrived slightly late, when i say late..i mean..i was early..but late for me.
Claire looked shocked that i wasn't first there!
We laughed, talked about Barbara (were is she?), eat cake and cobs and laughed some more.
I got info for train tickets and we started a new project.
I did paper work, well i coped Julieta but still...
I then got made to join an ATC swap shop, so when college was over i went down to Osbourne's and brought some cute stuff, which i can't disclose as i dont want people buying the same ;)
I then got home and when my day came home from work and his hospital appointment, i had a nice salad. I enjoyed it, it was a nice change.
I then played with my gorgeous pooch, he had missed me today!
I then played on petville (thanks for getting me addicted Teresa and Milly!)
I chatted to my bro about life and had a debate with my dad about the days news.
All in all, a jam packed day!
8 days is a long time.
its been a busy stressful week of ups and downs...
Monday 8Th march 2010:
College was fun, Juliet didn't show which meant i had to be the only one moaning all day about the lack of inspiration. Id had a bad morning which resulted in me sitting for most of the lesson with a sulky face. Claire brought cake and then it was all good again, another enjoyable day at college, thanks girls!
Tuesday 9Th march 2010:
I had a lazy day. not much to say to elaborate really.
Wednesday 10Th:
I Carnt honestly remember... its been to long
Thursday 11Th:
I went on the weekly shop to asda, brought a few things, realised upon arrival to the bank that id got £150 more than i thought i had, always nice...
Friday 12Th:
I went out with my ex sister-in-law, Anna.
we talked, we chatted,we laughed, we even cry ed.
I brought my mum her mothers day pressies.
We went for tea and cake in Arnold... my bro then fetched us..which was awkward because there not together anymore..long story...
she then took us to the local restaurant for a lovely meal before my bro dropped her off back at home.
I got home 100% shattered, it had been a long day.
Saturday 13Th:
I spent the evening wrapping my mums pressies for mothers day and going to the shop at 10pm, i wanted the freshest flowers possible!! I also brought the evening post, as i had put a mothers day message in there for her.
When she read the message she couldn't stop laughing and has kept the paper for future laughing.
Sunday the 14Th:
Mum awoke at 7am , took the dog for a walk.When she got back i made her go back to bed, i firstly gave her her massive card. she was over the moon and gave me a kiss... i then went to my room and brought her in her 4 bunches of flowers id brought her.
She then CRY ED!! my bro then brought her in his card and flowers and she hugged him.
I then went and brought her in two pressies, she was so shocked, she unwrapped them and they were two boxes of Thornton's chocolates.
She thought that was it, i left it a wile then came in with a small box, she was delighted when she opened it and found a ring inside, she loves and says she will never take it off!
My bro then made Sunday lunch.
She didn't want to make dinner so at night we ordered a take away.
I was so full and went to bed very sleepy.
She had a good day and it was well Worth it.
I do have photos to upload..but..well believe it when you see them...i carnt be bothered to get my camera.
I'm such a slack blogger...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Today should be my blog post day, cuz' its been a week & its sunday...
but...there is always a but...
im sooooo tierd and i carnt be botherd.
i have alot to tell you.
i have photos to upload.
and i will do it.
probly tomorow night...
well l8rs guys and girls xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ill start as i always do...
sorry for not blogging, blah blah, been busy, blah blah, no time, blah blah...

Its now official, this is not an everyday blog and will be a "do what you can, when you can" blog.

right, so what HAVE i been doing...

its been one whole week.
One whole week of crap weather and illness!

Last Saturday, 8 days ago..not yesterday..anyway...last Saturday i started getting a cold..it got worse then vanished, so that's something to be grateful of!

Monday was another fun filled day at college were i felt fed up all morning in till the lovely carol brought us all a cream cake and after that sugar rush i was happy all day! When i got home my ticket for the NEC was waiting for me, so happy days as claire would say...

My dad was off most of last week so after being out all day Monday, and him working Tuesday, Wednesday was a trip to bulwell to go to the bank, browse the market, and book a holiday(which they didn't do as they didn't find anything they wanted).

Thursday we took my mamar out shopping, we had a breakfast in Morrison's, browsed the clothes shops and took her to get some shopping, a nice day but i was glad to be home, i can only bare my mamar in small doses...

Friday we got up mega early and did the weekly shop at the big asda in west bridgeford.
I got a lovely pair of trousers on sale for £3!!!!!!!! THREE POUND!! and a cardie which said £3 but when i got to the till it was £2!!!! TWO POUND!!!! oh a pair of spotty PJ's for a £5! so two outfits for £10!, i love asda ha ha...

Saturday dad was back at work so i walked the pooch, read some magazines and browsed the net before having a lovely curry with my daddy!
also, last night he checked his Irish lotto numbers online and he has won £576 for the second time this year... so he has ordered me to go and book him a holiday to celebrate ha ha...

Today i was up at 8:15, and on Sundays that's rare, so rare that when i came downstairs my mum said:
"its 8:15 you no"
yes i no...
"shouldn't you be in bed?"
i searched online for holidays for mummy and daddy, I'm not going with them this time, as i told you before but i still have to look as my brother doesn't have the patience to and his idea of a bargain would bankrupt my parents ha ha.

I then went with my bro to buy help him buy sports clothing for JD sports and outfit which meant standing around for hours watching him try them all on... followed by a stop at the patrol station and a salad from sainsburys...

We then went to my mamars, (what a surprise).
Iv just got in, had my dinner and im mega sleepy if I'm honest but i am now...LOOKING FOR HOLIDAYS..again.
wish me luck?
see you all tomorrow? x

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday the 28th of February 2010

feb is nearly over =[
were does time go?
I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of my brother and my pooch wile out for his THIRD walk of the day..yes you read write..he went on THREE walks today.

I love walking, I love fresh air, I love my bro, I love my pooch, I love photography...


Iv come to blog, a rarity these days i know!

okay, were did i end up?
[ gos and checks the last blog post ]


dam, Thursday was the last post,

err, iv forgot to be honest, errrrrrm.
can i come back to this day?

i didn't do allot yesterday, i fell out with my mum and we didn't speak for 48 hours, worth blogging about?...no.

okay so your up to date, back to today...

Today in the early hours, when awaiting my brothers return from clubbing, i fell asleep at 2am.
I awoke at 5pm and drifted in and out of sleep in till 8:45.
I then did sudoku in bed, people may call me a nerd but 5Min's a day will keep my brain young, dam i sound like my mamar...
I got up, i showed, i dressed, i breakfasted (is that a word?)
I did some tidying and watched a catch up of What Katie did next.
At 2 i had my Sunday dinner, chicken, veg, potato, YUM.
I then went for my weekly trip to my mamas, she didn't want us to leave when we did, but we were there 2 hours... she doesn't have anything to talk about being in the house 24/7 and there is only so often you can talk about her cats eating habits...
Back home around 5, quick check of my facebook then off to the park with my bro and my gorgeous pooch, Chip.

I have a lovely video from it, which will be posted in the next post, why i hear you ask...because i want to.

Anyways, i am home alone tonight, every1s out in town, I'm chill axing annnnnnd i am contemplating "titivating" my art journal ready for tomorrow, Claire would be proud.

anyways, hope you all had a nice weekend, peace!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

No time

I'm back on track so i think it is wise to post now instead of later when ill be way to sleepy to bother.
I'm off out to meet friends.....then off to asda (whoop whoop).
Upon my return i will be watching the soaps, chillaxing before heading to my bed.
There for i have posted my post now.
in abit, hold tight crew.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Okay, its been a week, a whole week and yes, i can hear you all cursing me
"told you you wouldn't stick to it"
"i new you would lose interest"
well, you are half right. I had a day off full with intention of catching up the next day...i was busy that day...to busy to write a titchy post i hear you ask?, well yes. and then before i new it, i got lazy and its been a week.
Lets try and get you back up to date....
Well, that was a long time ago, i didn't do alot, i went to asda for the weekly shop...oh wait, please..hold back my excitement, asda....whoopee, hardly worth mentioning really, is it?
Saturday 20Th:
I had the cleaning bug, i got up early..as in 8 o'clock..well i get up around 8:45 normally...anyway...
i put a really old CD on that instantly reminds me of my younger days, dancing around various holiday camp dance floors with my brother...
i got out all the cleaning things, i cleaned windows, window ledges, dusted,polished,cleaned TV,fires,stereos,sofas,carpets, i hoovered, i buffed and i swept.
I scrubbed this house from top to bottom, well my mum helped... it was very relaxing and enjoyable and i even did ironing... i did sing and dance as well, but again, that's not worth mentioning...
Sunday 21Th:
Sunday, well what do i normally do on Sunday... i went to my mamas, i then had a heart to heart with my brother and went to the shop, i laughed with my dad and watched TV. Also following the previous days cleaning, i tided my room....again this didn't prompt me to rush on and blog...
Monday 22st:
finally, something worth blogging about...MONDAY. COLLEGE. whoop. I would Have come and blogged about Monday on Monday but i was a bit tied to be honest.
I got up at 7, left the house at 9:10, after ringing up about the sudden stop in Money going into my bank, that's all sorted thank god...
I then went and met the highly hilarious Claire at college and i was swiftly followed by various other lovely people.
as always we laughed,cried,moaned,groaned,ate,drank,sung,dance..oh and we did a bit of arts and crafts... i just about stayed sain with ms. jullietta jellybobble by my side as i HATE sewing and i was stuck, yet again for inspiration. I felt much better as Julietta was obviously in much more pain than me, her finger must have been like a dart bored afterwards, bless.
anyway, it was a lovely day and i got home around 6ish. had dinner, watched the soaps and was up in my bed at 9:30 flat, out for the count.
Tuesday 22Nd:
Yesterday i was on here a little bit, on facebook a little bit, outside a little bit, just a general day.
not worth blogging about...
Today is a whole new day and i awoke with he sudden urge to come and tell my little followers about why i hadn't blogged and what the hell id be up to, so iv done it, job well done.
I'm now off to cash my cheque so i have my money for the NEC, which I'm very much looking forward to but i think judging on Teresa and Claire's previous attempt, we may not get there...
just don't kill me Claire, id like to live...
right I'm going..I'm going on and on and this is going to take ages to read back and check for spelling mistakes HAHAHAHA.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the
airplane when the stranger turned to her and said,
‘Let’s talk. I’ve heard that flights go quicker if you
strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.’

The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed
it slowly and said to the stranger, ‘What would you
Like to talk about?’

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ said the stranger. ‘How about
Nuclear power?’ and he smiles.

OK, ‘ she said. ‘That could be an interesting topic.
But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow,
and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass – . Yet a
Deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a
flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried
grass. Why do you suppose that is?’

The stranger, visibly surprised by the little girl’s
intelligence, thinks about it and says, ‘Hmmm, I have
no idea..’

To which the little girl replies, ‘Do you really feel
qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don’t know shit?

Monday, 15 February 2010


I am joining the thousand of people watching the same old boring soaps on a Monday night.

I do enjoy watching them, but i must admit, if there were something else on, id watch it, no doubt.

Anyway, i haven't done a lot, again...ha ha.

Iv been to my mamas again today, i have watched TV again today and i have taken photos again today.

drer drer drer, moan, moan, moan...it all just drags on.... day to day..week to week.

Here's to hoping i get this job, get some excitement in my life and get out of this doss whole they call Sherwood.

So boring around here, its a safe place, its a quiet place..that's brilliant, now just give us a theme park or lots of exciting places to visit...
It has just been one of them days, im tierd, i feel sick and i carnt be arsed!

here's some pictures to cheer you up...cuz' if your like me...Monday is the most boring day of the week.....


These were taken today, by the way...if you click these photos, it will take you to my flickr..were you can add me or just looks through my 100s of photos.



Nighty Night All xx