Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday the 28th of February 2010

feb is nearly over =[
were does time go?
I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of my brother and my pooch wile out for his THIRD walk of the day..yes you read write..he went on THREE walks today.

I love walking, I love fresh air, I love my bro, I love my pooch, I love photography...


Iv come to blog, a rarity these days i know!

okay, were did i end up?
[ gos and checks the last blog post ]


dam, Thursday was the last post,

err, iv forgot to be honest, errrrrrm.
can i come back to this day?

i didn't do allot yesterday, i fell out with my mum and we didn't speak for 48 hours, worth blogging about?

okay so your up to date, back to today...

Today in the early hours, when awaiting my brothers return from clubbing, i fell asleep at 2am.
I awoke at 5pm and drifted in and out of sleep in till 8:45.
I then did sudoku in bed, people may call me a nerd but 5Min's a day will keep my brain young, dam i sound like my mamar...
I got up, i showed, i dressed, i breakfasted (is that a word?)
I did some tidying and watched a catch up of What Katie did next.
At 2 i had my Sunday dinner, chicken, veg, potato, YUM.
I then went for my weekly trip to my mamas, she didn't want us to leave when we did, but we were there 2 hours... she doesn't have anything to talk about being in the house 24/7 and there is only so often you can talk about her cats eating habits...
Back home around 5, quick check of my facebook then off to the park with my bro and my gorgeous pooch, Chip.

I have a lovely video from it, which will be posted in the next post, why i hear you ask...because i want to.

Anyways, i am home alone tonight, every1s out in town, I'm chill axing annnnnnd i am contemplating "titivating" my art journal ready for tomorrow, Claire would be proud.

anyways, hope you all had a nice weekend, peace!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

No time

I'm back on track so i think it is wise to post now instead of later when ill be way to sleepy to bother.
I'm off out to meet friends.....then off to asda (whoop whoop).
Upon my return i will be watching the soaps, chillaxing before heading to my bed.
There for i have posted my post now.
in abit, hold tight crew.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Okay, its been a week, a whole week and yes, i can hear you all cursing me
"told you you wouldn't stick to it"
"i new you would lose interest"
well, you are half right. I had a day off full with intention of catching up the next day...i was busy that busy to write a titchy post i hear you ask?, well yes. and then before i new it, i got lazy and its been a week.
Lets try and get you back up to date....
Well, that was a long time ago, i didn't do alot, i went to asda for the weekly shop...oh wait, please..hold back my excitement, asda....whoopee, hardly worth mentioning really, is it?
Saturday 20Th:
I had the cleaning bug, i got up in 8 o'clock..well i get up around 8:45 normally...anyway...
i put a really old CD on that instantly reminds me of my younger days, dancing around various holiday camp dance floors with my brother...
i got out all the cleaning things, i cleaned windows, window ledges, dusted,polished,cleaned TV,fires,stereos,sofas,carpets, i hoovered, i buffed and i swept.
I scrubbed this house from top to bottom, well my mum helped... it was very relaxing and enjoyable and i even did ironing... i did sing and dance as well, but again, that's not worth mentioning...
Sunday 21Th:
Sunday, well what do i normally do on Sunday... i went to my mamas, i then had a heart to heart with my brother and went to the shop, i laughed with my dad and watched TV. Also following the previous days cleaning, i tided my room....again this didn't prompt me to rush on and blog...
Monday 22st:
finally, something worth blogging about...MONDAY. COLLEGE. whoop. I would Have come and blogged about Monday on Monday but i was a bit tied to be honest.
I got up at 7, left the house at 9:10, after ringing up about the sudden stop in Money going into my bank, that's all sorted thank god...
I then went and met the highly hilarious Claire at college and i was swiftly followed by various other lovely people.
as always we laughed,cried,moaned,groaned,ate,drank,sung,dance..oh and we did a bit of arts and crafts... i just about stayed sain with ms. jullietta jellybobble by my side as i HATE sewing and i was stuck, yet again for inspiration. I felt much better as Julietta was obviously in much more pain than me, her finger must have been like a dart bored afterwards, bless.
anyway, it was a lovely day and i got home around 6ish. had dinner, watched the soaps and was up in my bed at 9:30 flat, out for the count.
Tuesday 22Nd:
Yesterday i was on here a little bit, on facebook a little bit, outside a little bit, just a general day.
not worth blogging about...
Today is a whole new day and i awoke with he sudden urge to come and tell my little followers about why i hadn't blogged and what the hell id be up to, so iv done it, job well done.
I'm now off to cash my cheque so i have my money for the NEC, which I'm very much looking forward to but i think judging on Teresa and Claire's previous attempt, we may not get there...
just don't kill me Claire, id like to live...
right I'm going..I'm going on and on and this is going to take ages to read back and check for spelling mistakes HAHAHAHA.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the
airplane when the stranger turned to her and said,
‘Let’s talk. I’ve heard that flights go quicker if you
strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.’

The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed
it slowly and said to the stranger, ‘What would you
Like to talk about?’

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ said the stranger. ‘How about
Nuclear power?’ and he smiles.

OK, ‘ she said. ‘That could be an interesting topic.
But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow,
and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass – . Yet a
Deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a
flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried
grass. Why do you suppose that is?’

The stranger, visibly surprised by the little girl’s
intelligence, thinks about it and says, ‘Hmmm, I have
no idea..’

To which the little girl replies, ‘Do you really feel
qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don’t know shit?

Monday, 15 February 2010


I am joining the thousand of people watching the same old boring soaps on a Monday night.

I do enjoy watching them, but i must admit, if there were something else on, id watch it, no doubt.

Anyway, i haven't done a lot, again...ha ha.

Iv been to my mamas again today, i have watched TV again today and i have taken photos again today.

drer drer drer, moan, moan, all just drags on.... day to day..week to week.

Here's to hoping i get this job, get some excitement in my life and get out of this doss whole they call Sherwood.

So boring around here, its a safe place, its a quiet place..that's brilliant, now just give us a theme park or lots of exciting places to visit...
It has just been one of them days, im tierd, i feel sick and i carnt be arsed!

here's some pictures to cheer you up...cuz' if your like me...Monday is the most boring day of the week.....


These were taken today, by the way...if you click these photos, it will take you to my flickr..were you can add me or just looks through my 100s of photos.



Nighty Night All xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

What a day.
What a very weird day...
Brother left the house at 8am, hes away in till 11 tonight at a football match in London.
I got up, lazed around, i thought that today would be a lazy day and id have nothing to very wrong i was.
I got dressed around 12 o'clock, still thinking i was having a lazy day.
At 3 o'clock my dad came home, my mum made us a valentines dinner:
we had soup, with bread roll.
Steak,chips, mushrooms topped with cheese and pesto sauce and a glass of wine.
followed by a lemon pudding thing.
It was of course for my dads sake but she made me some anyway.
my mum brought my dads a top and a card, my dad brought my mum chocolates and a card, the same thing they buy each other every year...anyway...
following that, i was still having a lazy till my dad showed me a form he had been given for a job at the hospital.
Iv been looking for a job there for a few months and this one was a new one and his friend had passed it on for me to fill in. I went online, thinking it would take 20Min' took me 2 many questions, my lovely college teacher, Claire Hampton, agreed to be one of my references and i then set to work telling them why i should get the job, my fingers ache so much from writing that.
Just as i got to the end, i got a call from my friend, she had been asking me all day to meet up with her SO i said yes...
i ran..and i mean ran..up the stairs, had a shower and got dressed, in 10Min's flat.
I met her outside my house, she lives on the next road, we walked for a good 40Min's, probably about a mile and half....we chatted and giggled, but we were SO knacked from rushing around that we parted after an hour. we did find a cucumber which made us laugh our heads off..someone muh have dropped it on there way back from the shops..but its so funny just seeing it on the floor...we thought so anyway.
I came home, finish off my job application with the help from my lovely daddy.
my feet ache from fingers ache from jaw hurts from laughing and I'm so very ready for my bed tonight.
I am away to watch TV, await my brothers return and generally chill.
Until tomorrow,
have a very happy valentines day.
Jenna xx
by the way, is it me or does it not feel like a sunday..not one bit?

Saturday, 13 February 2010

I haven't written about what *I've* been doing because i simply haven't been doing a lot.
I went to my mamas, chilled with my mum and went out with my brother a lot over the past few days. Iv snuggled with my cats, played with my little pooch and watched a lot of junk on TV.

So i thought, what can i write on my blog to make it worth posting..well...

There is a massive Revelation happening in my family at the min, and as soon as its confirmed, and its no longer strictly a secret that i have to keep shush about, i will be straight on here to tell you all about it.

Iv also had a lot of really funny texts messages this week from some of my longest friends, they do make me laugh, I love them very much.

Also been texting the lovely Ian (check out his blog to the right, he has some amazing photos on there) who informed me that he follows my blog and reads, think hes the only one who does, that said i no the Monday morning gang have a quick read!

well, its valentines day tomorrow, and, its my mamas birthday tomorrow, SO, i will be on to a do a lovely little post tomorrow, will be a post anyway, about that.

I am also very chuffed to have been doing my blog everyday, although i thought it may only last a week...

Well as i look around me, my mum is fiddling with biscuits, my dogs fast asleep after his walk, my brother and dad are drinking beer and watching a film and I'm...well I'm doing this, i am now off to try and find some cute things to make this blog look better,

in till tomorrow, night darlings xx xx

whats that, leave you a nice photo to cue over in till we meet again? okay, you twisted my arm...

here's my gorgeous pooch, chip. This photo was taken 1 year ago, today. xxx

Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy 6th birthday Princess Domino-May

Today my little kitty turns 6!
She only be a cat but it is shocking to think 6 years have flown by.

February 12Th 2004, i was fast asleep in bed with my mum, i woke up and screamed
"mum, something wets on my feet"
she lifted the duvet to find Raisin, my cat, who was given to me as a birthday present just 12 months before, was in labour ON MY FEET!
she gave birth to 5 kittens that day, domino was last out, and we thought she was dead..with a quick tap on her bum she woke up!

Spider: who went on to live with my grandma and got killed by a car aged 2.

twiddle and Dee : who went to my dads friends and now live a very pampered house with there own bedroom!

Jimmy: who went to live with my aunt and is fussed by loads of small children daily.
and of course,

raisin spent her early mothering days carrying round her kittens in her mouth and being a lovely mum. I had to keep count of the kittens, who we kept in a big box in front of the fire, but, one kitten kept going missing...domino. Raisin had taken a shine to her youngest kitten because she was the smallest and you would often find the two of them upstairs, she would feed domino because she struggled to get milk with the other 4, stronger kittens around.

With the fact raisin had taken such a shine to domino, domino being the smallest and the trouble with her birth, we decided to keep her for raisin to play with.

3 months after the other kittens had gone to there new home, raisin died.

She was knocked over by a car but still managed to come all the way home, we spend hours looking for her, we new she wouldn't be far due to domino being a newborn, went she didn't come back, we searched high and low, we looked outside at the night time and she had found her way home, her jaw was broke and she was bleeding.
We took her upstairs to get her ready for the vet, domino was trying to help her mum by licking her, her mum got upset due to being in pain and hissed at her, that is the last memory domino has of her mum.

We rushed her to the vet but they said even if we paid a lot of money, there was no guarantee she would survive.

They rang me to ask me weather i wanted her to be put down or to bring her home and let her die.
There i was, aged 10, heartbroken, if she came home, she wouldn't be able to eat, she would be in pain, and id be even more heartbroken.
I told the vets to let her go.

7 months after, we decided to get domino a play mate, we asked the man we got raisin off if he had more, he did, so we found a cousin of raisin and had a litter.
we went round, they were in undescriable condition, they were full of fleas, they were hardly feed and living in there own dirt and mess.

We took the most fragile two, looking back we no we should have took all of them, we do fear the worse, that the rest have died.
The two we did take, one went on to live with my gran the other now lives with us, Dorothy.
Dorothy was nearly dead when we got her, she couldn't move because she had so many fleas sucking the life out of her, we've cleaned her up and apart from her being small for her age, she is a normal, healthy cat.

today is domino's 6Th birthday, she is a happy, lovely, beautiful cat and loves her little friend Dorothy and chip. she is my little baby and we all love her very much.
i will always remember her birth.

as i said at the start, she may only be a cat, but she is part of this family and...every cat has a story, just like people.

Happy 6Th birthday domino! x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Teenage pregnancy - our decision or societies?

From an early age people make a decision not to be another teenage mother statistic but is this really a statistic or is a choice forced on us depending on the upbringing we have or the area we live in?

It is easy for any onlooker to think that it is irresponsible to get pregnant at an early age but it is becoming a choice many people seem to choose to do.

What ever your choice, after all is said, it should be the right choice for you.

I am neither for or against teenage pregnancy but i am against going in with no Praia experience or knowledge on the subject. The same thing gos for parents of any age. I'm not an expert and all i no on the subject is common knowledge.

Money/benefits/social housing:

To presume that every single or unemployed parent is on benefits is shameful and how uneducated you are. Yes most of them are due to having no other way out. If you were offered money and you were struggling, you would take it to, same goes for a house. That said there are many parents who are single and work and raise a family often without the help of the dads or social. There are also single parents who can't afford to work. After watching a documentary it was shocking to find that to some single parent it pays to stay at home, After taking in to consideration child care costs and arranging fetching children etc. to only come back with £10 extra, or sometimes less money than they would get in benefits, is madness and no one in there right mind would do it. I also agree that if you don't have the money, house,flat, help to have kids, then don't have them.

Underage sex:

Were do i start?

I feel so strongly about this due to reasons very few people no. If you or i were to steal from a would quiet rightly expect to get arrested because you have broken the law, regardless of your age. If you kill someone, age no object, you would expect to at least get arrested because that is law... but if you have sex under the age of 16 and you get yourself in the papers or brag about it at school, nothing happens. all because both parties are under the age of 16, even if by only a few weeks. This is outrageous. Who can honestly tell me that two 15 year old's who have been having sex for months, maybe years and totally no that they are breaking the law, should not be arrested? This under minds our justice system. My point is not that I'm either for or against underage sex, my point is to follow through with our laws. This gos for any crime not just underage sex, if you set a law, follow it trough.

In other places across the world you are told that sex is bad from a very early age and that you shouldn't do it under any circumstances. When these people reach an age when they understand the people who told them this were saying if for there own good,they are also at the age to make a decision to do it or not to do it.

I love this idea and I'm all for it, these kids would not dare do it, some do, but only a fraction of the amount of kids who do it here and due to the stigma of it, they often have an abortion.

Something to love:

When i was younger i had a really bad mental breakdown and at my lowest point i hadn't come out of my room in 3 weeks. Even at that low point i would never have dreamt of bringing a child into the world to cure my insecurities or help me get over my problems. That is totally unacceptable but when some of these people are asked *why* they did it, that is there answer. I wanted something to love. If there were better counseling in schools and the right help out there for people, that's people or all ages not just teens, then less of these kids would be born into lives full of misery and depression, this sets these children up to fail and in turn bring a child into the world just like there mother did with them, giving us generations of unhappy, depressed families.


to have a baby as a fashion accessory you can drop at nursery is unacceptable. A family member once worked at a nursery for many years a really passion of his (yes a man). He loved his job but after seeing no end of women from all walks of life drop off there 1 week old baby for nursery eventually wore thin with him and he could no longer carry on. Older women who had told him about there battle to have children, thousands of pounds worth of treatment and there desperation to be like the rest of the people at the park pushing nice pushchairs and dressing there babies in designer clothes, Would drop of there, fashion accessories that they craved so much, at a nursery just days old.

How can these women justify this?

He didn't see many teens but the few he did see were often very unattached, people who didn't want there baby's and would place them in the nursery as there way of coping, giving them back there life and freedom for the day.


I am neither for or against abortion but after hearing Heidi on big brother say "abortion is the best form of contraception"

scared me but it is what some people do.

This is wrong again on so many levels and wile i think that if you were ever to be unlucky enough to feel you need an abortion, you should be aloud.

i also think you shouldn't get pregnant with this in mind. You should never leave it to nature knowing that if all goes wrong, abortion will sort it all out.

older mums:

I was one of the selfish people who rushed to the conclusion that there all the same and they never think about the children, just about themselves. I was proven wrong, these people have so much love to give a child which is why they are so eager to have one. I do not agree with women over the age of 60 - not one bit, its wrong on so many levels. but women who still have energy,love and time and are still able to run around after them are no better or no worse at looking after a baby then young people. people may argue that the wont see there child grow, but no one noes what will happen tomorrow, any mum can die at any age at any time. I did hear of a women who had a baby but was so old she couldn't pick her up, that i do not excuse, that's out of order and dam right horrible for all concerned, especially the child.

The people who decide not to:

there are women out there who decide never to have children, Some by choice, others due to age, money, time, love. There are women out there who have built there career first and ultimately left it to late to have kids, but Rather than be selfish and have a child at a late age, they simply don't have any at all. There are others that due to the reasons mentioned in the above paragraphs, money,home,love,time, they chose its better not to have them. People also chose not to have children if they think there own problems will mess there children's life's up.
Does were we live effect anything?
wile it seems many pregnant teens are in one area than the other, i personally feel it falls down to education. If you were brought up in a rich family were you have many opportunities and prospects then you are less likely to fall back on a family and have a baby for the sake of your own happiness. If you live in a poor area, were you get bored easily and see many other young,poor,teens around who drop out of school due to behaviour or the lack of motivation to educate themselves and get themselves to a better life and place, you are probably more likely to go along with it and have a child to have something to love because you feel there is no other way out anyway, so why bother with education when it leads no were.
I feel that very few use it as a way to get a house but for thous who do, its very sad!

after all this is said, and you weigh it up people say all a baby need is love, How wrong. Yes that's a main tool for parenting but you need money,time and effort. To have a baby and presume your going to get everything handed to you on a plate is wrong. but to have a baby and get no support at all is wrong.

The bottom line for me is regardless of weather you chose to have a baby or not, make sure it is a choice you get to make and not a choice you are forced to make by becoming pregnant by accident.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

February 8Th 1989 11:20pm Ricky-Lee Wright blessed the earth..
OK i wouldn't go that far, but he sure did make an impact, first surviving child of Helen and Cliff, born with an obsession for all things transport and a humor only a certain few care to laugh at, he later became my big brother!

My brother is someone i look up to, without a doubt. He left school with 11 gcses after taking his maths exam's early, He got a job with in a week of leaving school and had a full time job with a yearly bonus and a car and a college course before the age of 18.
Before he reached 20 he was engaged and had his own flat.

Yesterday he celebrated his 21st birthday.
The past few months have been hard after he split from his fiance and battled to stay sain wile trying to arrange bills and accommodation.
He has pulled through it and yesterday he enjoyed a lovely 21st birthday.
So here's what happened...

Friday night he had a birthday meal in town followed with drinks with 20+friends.
Saturday he went out to Sherwood with a few friends.
Sunday he spent a night chatting at friends houses
Monday, his birthday went a bit like this...

I got up at 6:45am and we opened his presents.
He got cards a plenty, £21 from his gran(wish i would have thought of that), An engraved trinket from his uncle, 2 t-shirts,a leather wallet and a ncfc hoddie from me, his little sister and booze,scratch cards and pjs from mum and dad.

anyone spot my cupcake card ?... Teresa has already!

He then toddled off to work were his mates made sure he was reminded what day is what at all hours.
I went off to college and collect his birthday cake.
upon returning home me and mum decorated the cake and house with banners and balloons.

We then awaited his arrival home, armed with a cake with nicely lit candles and a camera...
some other people also waited...

tehe, can you see the balloons all over the garden..

we then ate cake and chatted and he opened the cards that came through the post, he even had a handmade one from a lady across the road.

He later told us what a lovely day he had had. There *Are* other photos but there deemed to embarrassing to post.

Anyhow, i love parties and when I'm 80 with my little slippers on ill still be celebrating them.

Here's to another 21 years bro, xxx

Monday, 8 February 2010


Hiya *waves*
^^^^ i hate the word hiya, why did i say hiya? lower..
I have come to a decision, as much as i would no doubt like to edit some of my past posts in the months to come, i wont be.
The whole point of this blog for me is to keep my past fresh in my memory, my past isn't perfect so i shouldn't be aloud to edit it to be so.
I will not be checking back for spelling mistakes or rewording anything if i see its wrong
and i will not be deleting really horrid cringe posts that i may blog about in the coming months.
This is my life unedited!
Nexxxxxt thing on my 'to blog about' list, is what i did today and will be doing today.
Its only half way through the day so i can't predict the future, but its a fair bet that when my brother comes home from work we will be having a party for his birthday and booze a plenty.
But that is to be done and i will spill the beans on that lot tomorrow along with pictures!
Toddddddday, i have been to college with my good friends and fellow blogger's/stalkers, Clairabelle Crumpet, Julietta Jellybobble, Teresa and a few other randoms.
We laughed, got messy and chatted a lot or rubbish, all wile painting a sheet of fabric like a toddler - now that's what i call women multi-tasking!
It was a great, if not messy laugh and ill be doing it all over again in a few weeks.
for now my little followers i am off to join in with the decorating of a cake!
Bye for now or as Claire would say.. SNOGS!

Will i have time?

Will i possibly have time to do my blog tonight with it being my brothers 21st and going to college and lots of other really exciting things?
I don't really no, sooo, here's my little post to tell you ill be back when I'm back to write what i write and in till then

Sunday, 7 February 2010

I carnt watch

Dear ___________,
I cannot watch you do this to yourself anymore, I cannot watch you waste your life.
Over the past 10 years iv seen you decline, but a decline i will no longer witness.
Iv done this before and i will do it again, I'm cutting all ties, chopping off the strings, setting myself free...
I am leaving you to go it alone.
I set out to help you, to get you on the right track, it didn't work.
I have failed.
For that reason i can no longer continue to aid you in your quest to fail.
Its not in my nature to sit back and watch you do this to yourself and i won't change my ways, much to your discomfort.
Chalk and cheese they said we were, how right they are.
I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart for failing you and for making you believe i was the answer to all your questions.
I'm sorry iv let you down.
I'm sorry if i gave you false hopes.
I'm sorry if you really do feel I'm your only hope.
I got you off the alcohol, i lied to your family.
I helped you with your smoking, i even brought them to help your withdrawal.
I cannot pretend anymore, i cannot lie for you or to you.
I have to live for me which means being honest with us both.
I can no longer carry you.
I can no longer plan out your funeral in my head for your only 16, and I'm unable to help.
I don't want to give up on you but i don't want to hold you back from the help you really need, i don't want to be responsible for your death.
I am sending you my best wishes and luck for the future, but watching you spiral out of control, i wont be doing.
To watch you buy drugs is killing me inside, after everything iv done for you.
I go to your funeral every night in my dreams, I cannot get the vision out of my head.
Best friends for life we may always be but we will never share the same views and i can longer continue on this journey with you.
We will part soon, i hope it doesn't end with one of us dead.
Iv laughed so hard iv cried when looking back at our past & iv also cried so hard iv laughed when i look at our future.
I refuse to stand by and watch you die, but i can not change this either, so i will not be watching you at all.
I will no longer tell you its okay
I will no longer borrow you the money to bail you out.
I will no longer stand back and watch you fall into a sorry state on the floor & I will no longer lie to people and tell them your safe and your with me when your miles away with strange men.
I love you enough to let you go.
I hope you get the help, i hope you find the answers, i hope you will be happy but deep down i no you wont, as your the girl i tried to save when you couldn't cope.
Another failure in your life is not what you need.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


I think its good to tell you first off that i laugh very easily so the following may get you annoyed or make you LOL like it did to me:

Hi how you doing?

Ready for another dose of Jenna action?

Well ... you may be disappointed as i haven't a lot to say...
Today has been a lazy day, cuz' its Saturday.
I laughed - a lot - with my brother and mum and chatted away to some friends, old and new.
Iv also catched up on all the TV i missed over the week.
I went out to walk the dog and got stuck in a mud pit =[.
I went to the bank to find my money hasn't gone in..grrrr.
To be honest, its been a lovely day and I'm now off for some more facebook time before heading to bed.
That wasn't sarcastic by the really was a nice day.
Nice day = good mood...
I LOVE my friends, every single one of you. *kisses*

Friday, 5 February 2010

Today is a whole new day...

Hello one and all. Today has been an average day with one exception, my daddy was off work.
My dad works 7 days a week at the queens medical centre hospital and when he gets a day off, he tends to spoil me rotten...
Last night my mum and dad went out to town for a few drinks and reappeared at 2am this morning Rather cutely drunk, She was out celebrating her birthday and got given loads of free wines and stuff.
Anyway, This morning i was up at 8am and i walked the pooch, then headed off to the Charity shop to do my deed for the day, hand in some stuff i no longer needed.
We then went to asda to beat the afternoon rush, before heading for a chip shop dinner, my dad didn't want to spend the day washing pots...can't blame him.
We spend the rest of the day laughing and helping him find a holiday.
This year I'm not going on holiday with them. We go 2-3 times a year but when they head off for the 1st holiday of the year, i will be staying here. It was my choice, i can do with the break from them to be honest and now my brother has split from his fiance, i want to stay and look after my little dog, chip. I pay for my own holiday so the money i save will be paying for my little extra holiday I'm planning on going on and for me to do up my room.
After a Rather rushed start to the day it had ended nice and relaxed.
My mum is currently watching repeats of cops with cameras, my dads in bed due to being up at 5 in the morning for work and my brother is in town with his mates for an early 21st birthday party. I have took the time, being the good blogger i am, to come and update you all.
I am also having a facebook melt down as i haven't been on in hours.
well, smell you later chicks and chaps
mwah xxx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Slacking buuuuut updating...

I can hear you all cursing me for not blogging yesterday but i did leave you a nice lengthy one the day before, any how lets get you up to date...

After spending the other day sorting out my photos it got me thinking that it *was* a good thing i took all tho photos last year and i *should* keep it up as i now have a nice bunch of photos with some gorgeous memories and having my past 5 years in photos *isn't* that bad.

So here's to getting my lovely camera out just as much as last year and keeping my blog interesting.

So first some photos from Feb the 3rd:

Gorgeous Dorothy, mardy, cry's a lot..but gorgeous all the same.

Beautiful-soon-2-be-6 , Princess Domino.

Right so back to yesterday, It was my mums 45Th birthday. We spend the day giggling and reading magazines & munching on chocolate.

I brought her a few presents, her fave was a selection of her all time fave sweets from Thornton's...

She had a good day, i hope and enjoyed unwrapping and admiring her new pressies.

Today has been a boring day in all honesty. Iv spent the day getting a refund on yet another failed eBay purchase. I also spent a considerable amount of time on facebook.

ll be back again same time same place...tomorow...hopefully.

In till then, ttfn.


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Seven traits i detest in people - maybe not in this order...

1. Me,Me,Me:
I hate people who are in it for themselves. These people are so wrapped up in there own little world that they don't see what other people are going through/feeling/thinking, which most of the time is a lot more than themselves. I hate selfish people, is there actually a need for it?
These type of people are the kids who bully because they think themselves higher than the rest.
Often these are the kids that were spoilt or given to much of a good thing when they were younger. Some of whom were never told that they maybe,heaven forbid, have a fault!
It does people good to have fault, it gives them something to change and aim for. It also teaches us that were not perfect and its not right to be perfect.

2. Ego boost:
The next type of trait i can't stand is the constant "i need an ego boost, tell me something good about myself..." people. These people always need reassurance that there work,clothes,choices are great and that your totally agree with them, so much may be jealous. These people, who i name ego boosters - are often people with very low self esteem were they can't judge for themselves if there doing good and are desperate not to fail. That said, most of the time these people no there is good, they just want the attention and to feel that someone is sharing in there ego boosting ways.

3. Lets forgive and forget:
up there as one of my most hated trait would have to be the "lets forgive and forget" types.
I no a lot of these people to different extremes but they all have the same blinked glasses on. They think that no matter what it is they have done, be it killed your cat or borrowed your pencil without asking, they can just come back the next hour,day,year and say "I'm sorry, lets just forgive and forget". It also seems law that we have to agree to said thing and act like we do forgive, because, in a way that's there way of apologizing... well I'm sorry, but NO.

4. bloods thicker than water:
Oh that quote makes my blood boil. Its pretty self explanatory and you guess why i hate it but let me explain... This for me leads on from number 3, family members feel they can treat you as they like and they can justify it because your "family" and "bloods thicker than water". I really do not care who I'm related to, to me unless you prove yourself worthy of the title of family,then your not part of one. most of my family aren't worthy of there title, that's why i don't see them. Iv heard them all over the years, live and let live, lets sleeping dogs lie etc. they will not wash with me. Wow, we have the same grandparents that means you can do what you like and say what you like,..err, no.

5. Bulling:
you hear a lot about this in the news and its obvious why we all hate the people that do it and of course there is the same old chestnuts, "they do it because there insecure". what ever the reasons these people are nasty horrid creatures but it has to said, we have all done a form of it in our lives, be it telling someone you hate what there wearing, or laughing at someone when they fall over. Just because you haven't done it over and over or kicked someone really hard, it doesn't mean its not bullying. if you make someone feel bad about them self's which ever way you may have done so, that's bullying..its nasty and its horrid and the people who go out of there way to do so should be dam right ashamed of themselves.

6. Vanity:
I am all for people having confidence but when they shove it down your throat at every god given moment it makes me sick. Jealousy it is not. Have you ever sat on the bus and the girl in front is constantly flicking her hair from side to side or a man is constantly checking his reflection in the window... I'm am happy people have self believe and make an effort, lets face it..if they didn't no one would ever get married etc. but i hate people who no there good looking or they aren't good looking but people have told them so due to them wanting an ego boost (see number 2) and wanting there ego massaged. What ever happened to natural beauty were you were pretty and attractive but you kept it under wraps. I enjoy seeing beauty, it makes the world seem less..well ugly. Just some people go ott.

7. I want it all my own way:
Have you ever been in a situation or doing group work were someone is always dictating the whole thing, everything has to be done there way or no way at all. They are in charge and your dammed if you don't no it. These people do my nut in, they have to take all the credit all of the time and pride themselves on being a no it all. They will resort to almost anything to get there own way, from bullying to crying. it normally works as most people will do anything for a quiet life. these people tend to be an only child for obvious reasons. this reinforces in my mind why kids need to learn to share, there are many adults who do the same, they tend to be the type who suck up to the boss and hang on any person ,with authority, words.

The sad thing is we all no someone like each of these!

Monday, 1 February 2010


Its 01/02/2010 already!
I still remember crimbo,new year,my birthday... my bank card still remembers them as well...and my waistline...
2 days in till my mummy's birthday,7 days in till my brothers birthday. Oh and not forgetting my mamas birthday on valentines day.
Shops aren't stupid, they really aren't and its this time of the year i really notice this. They have there little lost leaders piled high at the front of the shop.
"2 cases of beer, £12"
Which in turn makes people buy there nuts,crisps and lemonade ultimately turning a £10 shop into a £40 shop.
Easter eggs were on the shelves before the new year and now the festive season seems like yesterday to us and 2 years ago to the retailers, we have Easter eggs on every shelf.
Also stuck on the shelf is valentines stuff, the poor supermarkets just haven't got enough room to shove all the stuff they want us to buy, in our face fast enough.
On the other hand... they wouldn't do it if we didn't buy it, the best thing to do is...
well buy it?
If YOU don't buy it, it doesn't mean they wouldn't do it again, it would take a good few thousand people for these supermarkets to fail.
Did you no they put the items they want to sell more on the left, because most people use that hand to pick things up with...sneaky hey?
anyhow, here's to thinking this year is going way to fast and hoping i have a lovely pile of parcels delivered today or my mum wont have a very nice birthday!