Tuesday, 14 May 2013

You paralysed me..

As you look down to me on this floor,
I hear your voice screech just once more,
Looking at you we both know the score,
Neither of our hearts can take anymore,
You have paralysed me forever more.

My eyes flutter fast and slowly they blink,
Something inside you decided to sink,
Your bitter words are starting to stink,
Living this way pushed me to the brink,
You have paralysed me, I can't think.

Fail me again I will never allow you to do,
I've learnt to do better than listen to you,
Many times I saved you but lost you too,
On the ability to love you have no clue.
You have paralysed me, I feel blue.

I stumbled but learnt to dance,
I got tired of giving you one last chance,
At your feet I give you one last glance,
This is the end of our lifetime stance.
You have paralysed me, I'm in a trance.

In you my creator I find i was matched,
You avoided me getting too attached,
Your love locked and sealed with a latch,
I find it hard to see you were a catch,
You have paralysed me,my pride I snatch
Nothing hurts more than seeing you die,
I see it every day when I look in your eye,
Everyone else seems to believe your lie,
But only your little girl hears you cry,
You have paralysed me, I have to say goodbye.

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