Sunday, 16 June 2013

You have always been their in my life & given me good tips,
Like how to swim & ride my bike
And keep quiet while you kip.
Other stuff came naturally like our friendship.

For all the pocket-money lending,
And The hours listening to me venting,
For letting me off with lots of rule bending,
And believing me even when I was just inventing,
My respect for you is truly unending. 

As time is getting on its important that you know,
That you mean the world to me & helped to make me grow,
You are a great dad to me & my bro,
And I carry you in my heart wherever I go.

My memories of our adventures will never ever perish,
And please know that every day your strength & love I cherish.

So many special moments in each year,
But sharing them with you made them Dear,
Your a hero to me dad, so i never had to fear.
May you enjoy your day & an ice cold beer.

Happy Father's Day pops x

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